I have always loved being behind the camera and capturing the moments in my life. Since as long as I can remember I have been chronicling my family and friends, bringing my camera to their weddings, graduations, parties, basically any gathering or event! I started feeling frustrated with my point and shoot because it would not bend to my will and see what I was seeing. So, I bought my first "real" camera about nine years ago. I think I realized it was a true passion to me when I couldn't go anywhere without it and felt angst when I left it at home. I have been shaping my life around my camera ever since and am now so grateful and happy to say I am a photographer. 

My husband and I moved to New Canaan a little over two years ago from Manhattan where I was a real estate agent and dreamed of building a photography career. Being married to a jazz musician lent itself to some great shooting opportunities! It gave me just the push I needed to start pursuing my dream. After 13 years in the city we had our son, discovered we needed space, and clean air, and now here we are and I couldn't be happier. My photography carries over into my spare time as well, capturing my own little family, but when I really want to relax I love to cook, dine out, watch movies, visit my family in upstate New York, and laugh with my friends. 

My photos have a playful touch to them, with an organic feel. I like to see where my subjects want to go with their moments and I follow their lead with some gentle guidance. I'm based in New Canaan, CT and focus on portraiture, and more and more of my clients are asking me to shoot their events as well. This is branching out my work into exploring flash photography, which you will be seeing more of on my site in the future. Thanks for visiting and please reach out anytime!